Saltwater Fish

If you are looking for beautiful saltwater fish then look no further. We have many saltwater fish for sale that will add a burst of color and personality to your aquarium.

Here are just some of the saltwater fish species that we have for sale:

  • Aquacultured Clownfish species from ORA
  • Tangs from the Pacific Ocean and Red Sea
  • Wrasses from Bali & Fiji
  • Cardinals- wild caught and aquacultured
  • Butterflyfish & Angelfish from the Pacific Ocean & Carribean Sea


  • Saltwater Rays
  • Octopus
  • Eels
  • Angel fish (Large)
  • Lionfish

Stop by the Aquarium Shoppe in Springfield, MO if you are looking for the hardiest saltwater fish with an affordable price. If you prefer, you can buy saltwater fish at our aquarium shop online! While you are here, check out our state of the art aquarium lighting systems.

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